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  • When 30 new customers register after you and they purchase their desired products, such as the top-selling Pre-Workout C4 (600 points), you start earning points to have your gym membership paid for every month 4 life by
  • You can easily obtain new customers by sharing our services to anyone in the fitness community or when anyone (even people you don’t know) registers to purchase products.
  • Once you reach the minimum 30 customers who purchase at least one product every month, such as C4 (600 points), we will issue you a payment between $21.25 to $42.50 if your points are doubled. Your recurring monthly payments then can be used to pay for your gym membership.
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  • As one of our members, you may apply the dollar value ($21.25-$355) of your monthly points to your supplements order. This will allow your ongoing supplement orders to be paid for every month 4 life by
  • Through the Rewards Program, you can get the best supplements that will help to achieve your fitness goals. You simply earn Reward Points by spreading the word about and we help pay for your whey proteins, fish oils, BCAA’s, pre-workouts, fat burners, and more
  • Reward Points may roll over month to month and can be saved for up to a year.
  • Your Reward Points and payouts will double when customer orders total 1,200 points or more.
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  • Our mission is to make personal fitness more affordable to enhance fitness levels worldwide.
  • Your diet is of critical importance if you want to be in optimum shape. We all know that a “magic pill” does not exist nor can you succeed with only meal replacement shakes. While the products on will help improve your results, a clean and healthy diet is imperative for you to succeed.
  • When you acquire a minimum of 155 customers with total pur- chases equal to a minimum of 600 points each, will payout $177.50 to you or $355.00 per month, if each of those customers totals 1,200 points per order. healthy-Diet
    1,200 Points
  • will help you go from processed to more raw or organic foods that support your overall health and fitness. Think about hav- ing fresh meals without pesticides or other harmful chemicals. Your body will thank you for it.
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  • The cost of professional one-on-one personal training with a specialist can be very expensive - at least $45 per session. This can be out of reach for most people who want to learn the correct way to workout.
  • makes personal training affordable as we allow each member to apply your Reward Points to purchase personal training sessions. When a member acquires 100 customers, pays out $115-$230 or about 2-5 personal training sessions per month. With 155 customers, pays out $177.50 - $355.00, which will cover 4 to 8 personal training sessions per month.
  • For members who prefer working out at home, your points can be saved and rolled over every month to purchase home gym equipment.
  • No matter what is standing in your way from achieving your fitness goals, together, we will help you experience a breakthrough. We are in this battle together.
  • Welcome to the family!
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